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Pressure Washing (Graffiti Removal)


Let’s just say that we can work under pressure.

Clean property does not only appeal to the eyes but also helps in maintaining the hygiene and health of the environment.

CC commercial Cleaning offers Pressure Washing services in Wollongong.

When scrubbing by hand gets tiresome and nothing seems to work to get back that clean surface, pressure washing works wonders.

How and when can pressure washing help?

Get rid of mould, mildew and other harmful contaminants

Growth or mould, mildew, algae, and more can not only lead to permanent damaging of the property but also cause various health hazards. It can cause allergies and various other respiratory problems. Regular cleaning may not be very effective in these cases and it could make you and your family sick if left unattended for a long time.

Keep your family and employees healthy

Accumulation of dirt and other contaminants can seriously affect the people who spend a lot of time in that environment. It could lead to various allergies, respiratory problems and even more serious health problems. Pressure washing helps remove all these harmful agents from the surface and help you get a cleaner and safer environment.

Maintain the value of the property

Exterior of the home has to face a lot of harsh elements such as wind, dirt, rain, pollution and more that can degrade the walls, paint and other surfaces on the outside. If left unattended for longer, it can lead to lowering of the value of your property. Pressure washing helps freshening up these surfaces, making them look as good as new. It can preserve your property’s value and make it easier to sell at a higher price.

We offer residential and commercial pressure washing services for

Mould removal from surfaces




Why Choose CC Commercial Cleaning for Pressure Washing?

Professional cleaners who can clean all surfaces

At CC Commercial Cleaning, our professional cleaners are experienced and trained to handle heavy equipment like a pressure washer easily. They can effectively perform the cleaning you require and remove dirt from even the toughest of spots. Balancing heavy equipment and cleaning effectively is not an easy task. If handled unprofessionally, it can get dangerous. But our experts have enough experience to provide you with high standards of pressure cleaning.

Latest technology equipment, tools and effective cleaners

We are equipped with powerful, latest technology equipment and tools to give you the highest standard of cleaning. The cleaning solutions we use are effective in removing all dirt and contaminants. But still gentle enough to not cause any harm or damage.

Trustworthy services

You can trust us with the job and your safety. We aim to provide you the safest services. That’s why, all our cleaners are hired only after background verification. So we know that not only they are experienced, but also trustworthy.

Reliable pressure washing services

You tell us when and where, and we’ll be there.

We strive to deliver timely and efficient cleaning services. Understanding the value of your time, we will reach your place exactly when the booking is scheduled. We can also offer our services in a short notice. So you know who to call when you need quick and efficient cleaning.

Affordable pricing to fit your budget

With the experience and training, comes efficiency. Our professional cleaners provide the best cleaning results using the best available resources at affordable prices. Keeping your requirements in mind, we offer our services at reasonable quotes to you.

After all, high quality cleaning is a standard and should not be unreasonably expensive.

Get in touch with us now to get quotes on our Pressure Washing services in Wollongong.

Pressure Washing Wollongong

Get Prompt and Affordable Pressure Washing in Wollongong

Whether your driveway needs cleaning, or your wall needs graffiti removal, our team provides high-pressure cleaning in Wollongong and surrounding areas. For residential and commercial properties, we help clean up your walls, driveways, and patios to improve the appeal as well as the safety of your environment.

For high-quality pressure washing near Wollongong, trust CC Commercial Cleaning to clean your property at an affordable price.

When to Use Our High-Pressure Washing Services

There are many occasions when you may need our services, such as graffiti removal, driveway cleaning, removal of mould, or simply a general improving of your house or company’s facade.

▼ Safety:

Over time, driveways and walls can accumulate mould, mildew, or other harmful contaminants. These may cause respiratory problems or allergies, if left unattended. Our pressure cleaning in Wollongong can remove this mould and keep your home or business sanitary.

▼ Appearance:

Our homes and (especially) workplaces must be kept clean and professional. Walls, pathways and patios can gather dirt over time, and we may not even notice. Graffiti on our walls may also be a major eyesore for customers and passers-by. Have your walls and driveway looking sparkling with our concrete cleaning services.

Why Choose Us for High-Pressure Cleaning in Wollongong

Our experienced cleaners have much knowledge of the industry, and our superior tools ensure that your property will be gleaming in no time.

▼ Equipment:

Our heavy-duty cleaning tools have the necessary pressure to remove dirt while avoiding damage to your property. We have equipment that makes the cleaning process quick. Our cleaning services are both thorough and efficient. Cleaning a driveway may take you the whole morning, but our driveway cleaning services will be finished in no time.

▼ Costs:

Many cleaning services are quite expensive, so we choose tools and services that fit your budget to ensure that your property is immaculate without putting a dent in your pocket.

▼ Trustworthy:

All our staff are hired after thorough background checks, as we strive to maintain trustworthy services that you can rely on. We will work around your schedule and ensure our cleaning services are to your convenience.


More About Us

CC Commercial Cleaning is a family-operated business that provides excellent residential and commercial cleaning services. We are based in Wollongong but also service Illawarra and surrounding areas. Our professional and well-trained team have much experience with cleaning. We know how to remove every stain and which products are best for which surfaces.

If you need high-pressure cleaning for your walls, patios, or driveways, contact us now for a free quote, and we will be in touch.